Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Winter Wonderland

For several years I have been hearing about the light display at Lake Shawnee east of Topeka. We have never gotten over there until this year. It is 2 miles of these light pictures

A cow greeted us before we entered

Excuse the poor quality pictures. We were moving and my camera does not do well at night.

I love these

Happy Haunukka!

God Bless America

This was a fountain


The sponsor



Although it is hard to see here this was the coolest thing. They were on the lake.

On Sunday we went lightseeing in Junction City. There were some very cool displays, but overall it seemed like there was less than last year :( Maybe Ogden and Manhattan will have a little more.

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Fabulous holiday lights! I used to love driving around both Halifax and my current city, when I had a car, looking at the Christmas lights. Some neighbourhoods go all out! I've been meaning to take an evening stroll through my current neighbourhood and snap a few pics, as a lot of folks have done a nice job in our area.

Thanks for the light show! :-)

P.S. I just watched Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation on the weekend, always get a kick out of the lights on that movie house!