Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Bigger Apartment?

This past weekend I completed the second phase of my winter cleaning and purging. The main thing I got done was the diningroom. I moved 2 big items(a storage cupboard to the spareroom and a mental bookshelf to the storage unit) and added smaller pieces. The result was a seemingly bigger diningroom

I brought in the white shelf from the spareroom and combined games and children's books on it, then added the toy box, an end table(that can double as a coffee table), left the dresser, and relocated my filing shelves from the livingroom. Scout's bed is in the picture, but I moved that later. I also reorganized the pantry/coat/emergency supplies closet

Looking at the diningroom from the livingroom really opens up the apartment

What the heck was I watching on TV?????

I also did some stuff in the bedroom, but have not saved those pictures from Facebook(I uploaded them from my phone). This weekend I plan to finish up the spareroom and also get pictures of the livingroom.

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Well done! It feels great to declutter and reorganize.

When I was in my 20s, I went from a 2-bedroom apartment for myself, to a 1 bedroom, to a bachelor before moving in my ex. You certainly have to trim down to only what you use when you downsize. :-)

Now I have a townhouse to myself and it's amazing that I have "stuff" in every single room. I'm not even a collector or hoarder, LOVE to declutter and constantly do it. Even so, everything just seems to "breed" on its own. LOL.