Thursday, January 12, 2012

Love Letters

As I mentally prepare for TJ to be gone for a year(have I mentioned that this isn't even FINALIZED or even approved yet??) I have began to think of things I want to do. One thing is to take a vacation with my BFF (I have the best vacations with her) and we are talking about going to Key West. Another thing is considering taking guitar lessons. TJ has a guitar that just needs new strings. I have thought about this before. I want to learn to play and either write or be able to perform a song for TJ.

One main thing I want to do is write TJ love letters while he is gone. Nothing explicit or overly mushy, but little reminders of how I feel about him. When he first deployed I would write super long letters chronicling each day's activities and them mail them at the end of the week. Once we got a phone plan through Spaware and he could call more often that was unecessary. I still wrote, but not as much. This time I expect we will be able to Skype regularly so I was thinking that occasional little letters, no longer than one page, would be a nice pick me up for him. And me. It goes with my word of 2012..Love. Just another way to express love, but in a fun and creative way.

Have you ever written a love letter? Received one?


That corgi :) said...

I think writing letters is good, even if you communicate other ways. I hear it is really good for those deployed to get a letter and hear their name called out during mail call; that's why I used to write to soldiers through Soldiers Angels or with people I knew that were deployed. Maybe saving up pictures from the local paper (assuming you get the paper) could be fun to send TJ if he goes or cards, etc.

And of course care packages I think to send would be good too!

When my husband would move a few weeks to months ahead of us in some of our moves I would write to him. Rarely (never) got a letter back but I would write at least 2-3 times a week, sometimes nightly just to say what was going on, etc. I'm not sure they would be considered love letters though :)

enjoy the weekend!


Robyn :) said...

I do care packages once a month. My mom used to send a card to him every month and an occasional care package and once in awhile a couple of MY family members would send a card. His family only sent a package at Christmas. He would ask them to write or send cards, but they never did.