Monday, January 9, 2012

Mancat Monday With Scout's Tummy

Hello, friends. Before I get started I need to take a minute to ask you for prayers and purrs for the family of one of my favorite kitty bloggers, Lautrec.He passed away this weekend from cancer.

Now, on to today's business. I am going to show you something you rarely get to see on here. It tummeh!!

I do not usually let Mommy get a picture of my tummeh. It is usually so irrisistable that she has to rub it, not reach for the camera. And if she does go for the camera I turn onto my side. But I allowed her this picture recently.

She also got this adorable picture of me this morning in the clouds on her bed

She calls it a down alternative comforter, but I think it is actually a giant cloud.

That is all for today. Have a great week!

1 comment:

Fuzzy Tales said...

Scout, you make our mom swoon. Of course we mancats only swoon over ladycats, but we grudgingly admit you're one handsome, floofalicious dude!