Tuesday, January 10, 2012

People Are Leaving and I Don't Like It

I just found out that the principal of our school will be going to the new elementary school on Post. It is in the new neighborhood and I always say that it is nothing but the best for that neighborhood and again this proves it. I just hope all those parents and kids appreciate her. I do not know who will be our principal now.

I learned of this little gem of information right after learning that TJ may be deploying to Iraq with the Reserves in February or March.

Let me backtrack a bit. At reserves this past weekend they asked who would be willing to volunteer for a civilian contract job, through the army(I know, that does not make sense) for one year in Iraq. TJ asked me how I would feel about that and I said I would be sad, but would support him. He did not think he would be going for MONTHS, though. Today they called asking for some information. They explained that they do not have the contract, yet, BUT are trying to get everyone in place so they are ready to go and it will be around February/March.

Now, I will say, I am feeling much better about this possible deployment, than I did when he was supposed to go with his unit on post. But it is time for me to get into deployment mode again. That means planning a pity party, planning some vacations, thinking about what I want to get done when he is gone, consider working afterschool a bit more. I am glad to be living where I am. I was contemplating trying to buy a house and move in before he left when we thought it would be months from now, but with it being sooner we can't move without breaking our lease so it is all good. I feel safe here and we have great neighbors.

I think we need to end this post with a couple pictures...

Early Valentine's gifts from TJ (he said the HK jelly beans made him think of me lol)

Santa after partying too much for New Year's


Carrie said...

A civilian contract...through the Army? That DOES sound weird. lol. Regardless, I hope everything works out for you two!

That corgi :) said...

That would be kind of quick for TJ to deploy this way. I would imagine it would be hard for him to be gone for a year, but it does sound like you have a plan in place (and have probably been through it before, but I'm sure it never gets easier). Change is always challenging, especially when we lose people we like that we work with, like the principal from your school. Hope things settle down just a bit!