Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spiritual Sunday -- Love in Action

Remember that I chose LOVE as my One Little Word for 2012? Well, today was all about that.

It started in Sacrament Meeting. There is this dear older lady that I just love to death. She and the lady that picks her up for church were late. As we always sit in the back pew of the main section when we can we were right by the door and had two extra seats so I was able to sit by her during the service. She loves everyone and I always feel so happy when I see her.

On a side note, we are finally going to get a second wing added onto our building(much needed!!) and some other stuff done (I suspect a bigger chapel as we were overflowing way back into the cultural hall today). Because this will involve knocking down walls and whatnot, for a time we will have to meet somewhere else. We do not know where yet, but I am guessing the church building in Manhattan which is 20 miles away(which might make for a crazy start time! 2 wards already meet there). Or maybe they will find a place for us in town. It is going to be a challenge but I am kind of excited about it.

In Gospel Principles class I offered to hold the teacher's daughter. She was such a sweetheart. I also asked a newer sister to sit with me. I did not even realize by doing these things I was putting the concept of love in action. In Relief Society the lesson was called Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself. Coincidence?

We had the sister missionaries for dinner tonight. one of them is at the end of her mission and will be going home at the end of the week. I am so glad we got to have her over one more time. Both the sisters told us that they appreciate all that we do as ward missionaries and they told me that they have noticed that I have showed love for the sister I asked to sit with me in the meetings today by doing just that and asking her one day to sit with me at Sacrament meeting. I did not even realize that could be viewed as love. I thought it was just being nice, but they explained that they have hoped that the ward members would show love for this sister as she is new. I am so glad that such a simple action could mean so much to someone. Our ward missionary leader recently gave us a letter explaining what he would like to see us as ward missionaries do beyond teaching new member lessons and attending Gospel Principles class. I know he mentioned inviting new members to dinner and Family Home Evening, but I do not remember if it said inviting people to sit with us. I have made a concious decision to try and magnify my calling by doing these things as well as filling in to teach the class when asked. I honestly, though, did not view inviting someone to sit with me as going above and beyond as it was such a simple and natural thing to me.

Because of all this I truly believe that God inspired me to choose LOVE as my one little word for this year.

Right now my cat is showing me love by lying on my legs as I type :)

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caspersmom said...

Love is a beautiful word. If the world would put it to use it sure would be a much better place to live. A great word to start the New Year.

It is so great when a church grows that you have to had more room or a new building built. Sounds like people like to attend your church. Our church has been growing also but right now our sanctuary is big enough to hold them all.

Have a Great New Year.