Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WIAW -- Monday

WIAW -- better known as What I Ate Wednesday -- was created by Jen of Peas and Crayons. It is showcase what you ate for a day, just one day. For my very first entry I chose Monday of this week.

I started with leftover pancake I brought home from the Children's Hospital cafeteria, sprinkled with some turbinado sugar.

For morning snack I had half of a small bag of goldfish (no picture, I was at work/school)

For lunch I had leftover beef and broccoli (except it was not in this bowl it was in a tupperware container).

After work I stopped at Dillons for chicken for dinner and drinking water(our tap is disgusting) and ended up buying a small cake! It had whipped cream frosting :) Miss K and I had a thin slice for a snack.

For dinner I made Carmelized Chicken from a recipe I found on Pinterest and Mashed Potatoes from a box

For dessert I indulged in my new obsession

Throughout the day I drank my Sassy Water (another Pinterest find)

I will conclude with a random picture of my fridge. I took it by accident but I like the angle and what it captured -- makes me look like I eat healthier than I really do!!(I took it by accident, too!!)

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