Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Word of 2012

Every year Ali Edwards does a little thing called One Little Word. The idea is to choose a word for the year that is inspirational to you or has some special meaning. I have done this before a couple times, but the only one I can remember(or find documented evidence of) is Enjoy.

I decided to do a word for this year again. I thought about it a little and the word that came to mind and stuck with me is LOVE. I was going to copy the definition from, but it is pretty lengthy so if you want to read it go here.

I would like to show more love for people this year, especally my husband. I want to do my job with love. I want to show my love for Heavenly Father and Jesus in my thoughts and actions. I want to fulfill my calling at church with love. I want to be more patient and understanding and kind, which I believe is a form of love. I also want to do things that I love like scrapbooking and cooking. I want to develop a love for the scriptures (I like reading scriptures, but I do not believe I have a love of them, yet). I want to love going to church(I am getting there!). Most of all I want to love my life.

So, that is my word. Are you choosing a word for 2012? What is it?

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That corgi :) said...

I think love is a great word for the year Robyn! I think if we grasp the concept of unconditional love like Jesus has for us, and we had that unconditional love for others, the world sure would be a better place indeed!

I think you might have read by word for the year, but it is "seek" to really seek God and to put him first in my life in this new year :)