Thursday, February 9, 2012

Color Poems -- Black

This is the third entry in this series. So far this is the last color I have done with both a template and on my own.

First the template..

Black is a crow
Black is fresh oil from the ground
Black is hot tar
Black is the asphault on the highway

Black tastes like licorice
Black smells like gasoline
Black sounds like a hollow echo
Black feels like pressure
Black looks like the darkest night
Black makes me sad

Black looks like nothing

And my own...

Black is the feeling
That nothing is right
Black is the sky
On the darkest night

Black is hot tar
On a newly made street
Black can smell quite putrid
When exposed to the heat

Black is the oil
That can make a man rich
Black is the garments
Worn by a witch

Black is a crow
Perched on a wire
Black is the charcoal
That fuels a fire

Black can taste like licorice
Or badly burned food
Black can seem like evil
But can also hide good

Black is empty
Absent and hollow
Black invades my heart
And brings me great sorrow

Black can be shiny
Or black can be dull
However you look at it
Says it all

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Anonymous said...

Love it :o)