Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Color Poems -- Blue

This is the second in a series on poems I have written about a color.

First is following the template

Blue is an ocean
Blue is the sky
Blue is a lake
Blue is a berry in a pie

Blue tastes cold
Blue smells crisp
Blue sounds lonely
Blue feels cool
Blue looks like sadness
Blue makes me sad

Blue is a haunting song

Then I free styled it, but with rhyming

Blue is an ocean
Vast, deep and far
Blue id a Ford
My dad's old car

Blue is the feeling
You get when you're sad
It's melancholy, contemplating
Remembering what you had

Blue is the sky
That reminds us of our dreams
Blue also teaches us
Nothing is as it seems

Blue is a swimming pool
Cool, refreshing and wet
Blue is a lake
Where we cast our hook and net

Blue is the cold
That settles in our heart
When loved ones have left us
Or when we are apart

Blue is a berry
Baked inside a pie
Or blue is a color
Of a very bright eye

Blue can be lonely
Blue can be cool
Blue can be something
Entirely different to you

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