Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Color Poems -- Pink

One of my goals for the blog was to post more of my writing. Luckily, the 5th grade poetry unit has allowed me to let some creativity flow and make up some poems. I have been following the templates the kiddos were given, but also doing some stuff on my own. Today I will share with you what I have on the color Pink.

I wrote this first one without a template, but the format was inspired by a book used as an example.

Pink is a kitty nose
Giving kisses so sweet
Pink is also the pads
On little kitty feet

Pink is a rose
Given to your love so true
Pink is the blush
That true love gives you

Pink is cotton candy
Sugary soft and light
Pink is is lemonade
Enjoyed on the porch at twilight

Pink is skin
Sunburned from the beach
Pink is a sunset
A dream you want to reach

Pink is my heart
When thoughts turn to love
Pink is my spirit
Flying like a dove

Then I wrote one using the template

Pink is love
Pink is sweet
Pink is shy
Pink is soft

Pink tastes like sugar
Pink smells like cupcakes
Pink sounds like a sigh
Pink feels like a soft blanket
Pink looks like a blush
Pink makes me giddy

Pink is anticipation

I have a whole color spectrum I have been working on and will gradually introduce them. We are also working on Haiku's. I think I already shared the Cinquain and Diamante.

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