Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Previews

Happy Leap Day!!

I thought I would use this extra day to let you know of what will be upcoming on the blog and some ideas I have regarding my writing.

Ok, so first of all, I have Friday off (teacher plan day) so I plan to continue the cleaning I started last week AND make a few recipes from Pinterest. I plan to showcase those on the blog next week.

On Saturday I have the superfun pleasure of taking my cat to the vet!! I did not know they were open on the weekends or I would have taken him sooner. I was actually waiting for my days off. Anyway, in addition to getting his shots he will also be getting his claws clipped. So you can look forward to a recap from both me and him. I am also kind of hoping that we can schedule his teeth cleaning for a day when I am off next week (Thursday and Friday for PT conferences) rather than over Spring break in a couple of weeks.

Now about my writing. In 5th grade writing the kids are working on realistic fiction. I have been trying to prepare and write a story myself. I had a general idea, but was having trouble on just what the story was going to focus on and what direction it would take. I finally came up with something yesterday and have began writing it. I am hoping to share it once it is completed. I am then hoping to add to it and possibly make it into a book. Not sure if it will be good enough to publish, but it will be a fun project for myself. It may also inspire me to take a writing class eventually.

Another idea I have been toying with is writing my autobiography. I think I have lived an interesting life. Again, probably not anything worth publishing, but it would be fun to write and share. I am thinking about starting a separate blog dedicated solely to that. Each entry would be like a chapter and then in the comments I would ask for feedback.

So, what do you think? Is there anything you would like to read about here? Any burning questions for me?

I will leave you with this darling picture of my baby.

Are you ready for some football????????????????

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