Friday, February 17, 2012

Looking Back

For the past couple months I have been going back in my archives and reading all the blogs from that corresponding month. Tonight I read all of the Februaries.

I thought I would share with you these excerpts from 5 years ago...

2-14-07 --- I went to the animal shelter to see if the Siamese was still there. She wasn't. But there were 2 little boy cats that I also fell in love with. Hard to choose between the 2(and I'm not getting 2!!). They don't have names so I can name them myself!!. I have a name picked out, but will not say unless I actually get a cat.

2-23-07 --- Went to the animal shelter on Post. There is another female Siamese there that was cute and friendly. One of the males from last week(the super friendly one) is still there, too. I am torn. There were a lot of other cats, too, but right now it is between the Siamese and white male cat with black patches

On the 14th they had added 2 male cats when I was there. I thought the one(not the white with black patches) had already beed chosen, but he hadn't. The other one (white with black patches) started meowing up a storm!! I told him he would find a home, too. He kept on meowing and sticking his paw out of the cage.

The second week he meowed like crazy again when I came in and stuck his paw out the cage to get my attention.

5 years ago


Fuzzy Tales said...

Looks like Scout has a Gotcha Day coming up! :-)

Robyn :) said...

Yep, it is in March :)