Monday, February 6, 2012

Mancat Monday With Nurse Scout

MOMMY ALERT: This post contains lots of Kitty Cuteness!!!

Hello Friends! Did everyone enjoy the Superbowl? Daddy let me lick his pasta cans :) I spent most of the weekend taking care of Mommy because she was sick with a cold

I also took over her side of the bed acting cute

I try to give hugs when I sleep

Who can resist this face??

I wanted to go out in the hall so much I was rubbing my belly against the door!

Best seat in the house when watching tV

Behold my handsome profile

Ok, for those of you who have made it through the assault of my cuteness I have a story. Last Wednesday some crazy cat walked right into our apartment. Mommy said she was wandering our building and very friendly. Well, I am all for friendly cats, but just walking into MY house is unnacceptable and I let her know it. Mommy took her right out. Later Mommy reported she saw her playing with a dog in front of another apartment. Maybe she wasn't so bad after all....

Later that day I was outside and my pal, Punk, was out. he started to be a little too hyper for me so I backed off. Then a bulldog came a long and I lost it. I have bad memories of a bulldog so I whapped him! Then I got put back in the house. Then we played a game where I came to the door, but ran and hid when Mommy came to the door. As soon as her back was turned I ran back to the door!! That was fun.

Have a great week everyone!!

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