Monday, February 20, 2012

ManCat Monday with Weird Scout

Happy President's Day, friends. Sorry for not posting last week, but I had to help Mommy make Valentines. Today she is home sick and I am taking care of her. Yesterday I saw my dog friends, Merle and Henry. Henry is afraid of cats, but he likes me. Merle used to chase cats, but he does not chase me. They also stand by their glass door and greet Mommy when she comes home! When Henry goes out for a walk he comes up to our regular door, too. I think he wants me to play.

Anyway, here are some pictures of me being "weird"....

I like to supervise the kitchen and hang out with the cereal

I love my chair

And I love my daddy's leftover canned pasta. Sometimes I get carried away and stick my whole head in the can

And yes, I am hugging the chair in that picture, too.

What kinds of "weird" things do you or your furry friends do?

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Scout, we sure hope your mom feels better soon. Our human says you're adorable, even with tomato sauce on your forehead. :-P