Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Sweet Boy

I swear I have one of the most sweetest, compassionate cats in the universe.

Yesterday I came home from a long day at work (regular and afterschool program) and he ran out of the bedroom to greet me. When I picked him up he immediately started kneeding my arm as if to say "I'm sorry you had a long day. Here, let me give you an arm massage"

This morning, after I got up and took a shower, I lied back down for a few minutes, as usual. Also as usual, Scout had stayed in bed after sleeping by my side for the last few hours and then stole my spot after I left to sleep against the pillows. After I lied down next to him he reached out and put his paw on my arm for a moment as if to say "just rest a moment, Mama". Then he moved over and curled up against me :) It was really hard to get up again after that. I know he would have liked me to stay there and take a morning nap with him.

This evening, after working late, I came home and was not greeted at the door as usual!! I found Scout lying at the end of the bed waiting for me to come to him. I picked him up and he settled in my arms. Then I let him go outside. He was not out even 5 minutes before he wanted to come in again. And what did he do when he came in?? Got up on my reclining seat of the couch and curled up on my legs!!

My Scoutsie really is a Mama's boy through and through.

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Fuzzy Tales said...

I love a kitty that's a "mama's boy." Not so great in human males, though. LOL.