Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spiritual Sunday -- Power of Prayer

Todays events really testified to me the power of prayer.

I was not able to teach my lesson in Gospel Principles last week so they held the lesson for me to teach today. I almost did not do it again.

I was feeling pretty confident last night that I could do it despite a cough I have been battling and a failing voice. This morning was a different story.

The cough welcomed Stuffy Nose back and also invited Cramps along. Stuffy nose was somehat controllable easily, cramps not so much. They required an 800mg motrin. That nearly knocked me out.

I spent the majority of Sacrament meeting on a chair in the foyer resting, nearly asleep, and praying that I would have strenght to teach my lesson. It did not appear there would be a backup this week so I really needed to do it.

Heavenly Father listened to and answered my prayers. I found a reserve of strength. A major concern was that I would pass out from standing so long. I felt fine the whole time. I also did not cough once.

My teaching could have been better, though. I was supposed to have visual aids, but did not bring them. They would have REALLY helped. I talked to loud. This was because of my voice. If I talked low or normal it would have sounded broken and raspy. I have been talking loud for a couple days now. I rushed through it. I actually do that every too fast. I need to work on that. I probably should have reviewed the previous lesson in the book, too. I stumbled through som explanations and had trouble gathering my thoughts at times.

But Heavenly Father is good and he provided help to me. One of our missionaries shared some insight and read from scriptures. I had some great comments and thoughts from people in the class. It fleshed out the lesson and helped give different perspectives.

I know that the prayers I said and those that prayed for me and all the teachers today were answered by our Heavenly Father.

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