Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl Recap 2012

I had big plans for some epic appetizers and major relaxation for my husband and I at home. But, alas, a cold kept me from cooking or making anything. We did relax, though lol. And I had leftover pizza from the night before.

Though I had no affiliation and particular affection for either team, I chose to root for the Giants because last time I rooted for the Patriots during the Superbowl (when they were undefeated) they let me down. I was the only person at the get together rooting for them and they made me look like a fool. So, yeah, wasn't rooting for them again!!

My main reason for watching most Superbowls, though, is the commercials. Here are my favorites.

Vampire Party for the car company(was it Audi??). The headlights were like sunlight !! Too funny. And the guy was so excited that he brought blood to the party.

Chevy Truck after the apocalypse -- loved that they played a barry Manilow song as the survivor and his dog drove through the ruins and then one of the other survivors had Twinkies!! Nice free advertising for Hostess!! They need it. Good job, Chevy!

Naked M&M -- I busted out laughing at this one when the M&M stripped down and they played the LMFAO song!!

The Chevy graduation present. Who would put a mini fridge with a bow in front of a yellow camaro and say Congratulations???? Of course the guy thought the car was his present. I like at the end where he was all like "Mr. Arther stole my car!!!"

Baby snatches Dorritos. Served that bratty kid, right! Although the baby will probably choke on a Dorrito so that is not good :(

Acura commercial with Jerry Seinfeld. Another one that made me laugh out loud. Love the soup nazi and Jay Leno!

Honda CRV with Matthew Broderick -- BEST COMMERCIAL. Loved him being "Ferris Bueller" again and parodying some of the movie's most memorable moments and repeating the famous lines.

I really enjoyed the halftime as well. Pretty tame for Madonna lol. I was not too crazy about her costumes, but it was a good song selection and performance. I liked that she had Ceelo Green and LMFAO, but not Nicki Minaj and the other girl. It was probably one of the best halftome shows I have seen in awhile.

Overall it was an awesome Superbowl. It is good when the score is so close and it is anybody's game. I feel vindicated in rooting against the Patriots this time :)

Who were you rooting for? What was your favorite commercial? Did you like the halftime show?

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