Friday, March 16, 2012

All In A Day's Work

This morning I got to work at 7:15 am so we could be on the road to Wichita for a field trip at 7:30 (it ended up being closer to 8 lol) Since I had NO idea where we were going in Wichita I followed the bus

On the Interstate we had to stop for a minute because there was a big wreck. It was mostly contained in the median, but they had the other side closed down and our side ended up on the shoulder.

To get to the museum you have to go through downtown Wichita

The place was called Exporation Place and it was awesome

The kids could run around and play on and with things

There were also nice views from the windows

The coolest thing about the place was the wind wall. It was made of thousands of quarter sized sequins which moved and rippled when the air was blown on them.

I was in charge of 5 kids and they were awesome. It was fun watching them play and explore.

I took a slightly different route back through downtown to get back to the Interstate

It was a 2 hour drive there and back. We got back about 5pm and I left around 5:30.

Very long and fun day. I highly recommend this place.


Kim said...

How come you didn't ride on the bus?

That corgi :) said...

That looks like a cool place! I would have liked the wind wall; I'm sure I would have spent a lot of time checking it out! I like that older building you highlighted; was in someone's mansion at one time?

It is always hard work to be a chaperone on a field trip like this; I remember doing it when the kids were younger; I was always counting heads to make sure I had all that I was responsible for! I'm sure you are tired tonight!


Robyn :) said...

Well, the first reason was we were going to get the comfy bus and there would not have been enough seats. Then 2 kids did not go. But I was still driving in case I had to take back any misbehaving kids early. It worked out because I heard that the ride back was HOT.