Saturday, March 17, 2012

Depressing and Scary

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Tomorrow I will have pictures from the annual Capitol City Bike Show in Topeka, an event that has become a tradition for TJ and me, but this evening I thought I would share a very unsettling experience I had after the show.

Ok, you have heard me talk about the scary mall dreams I have had all my life where I am in a mall and one wing or end is empty and/or dark, but have I told you about the equally distressing dreams about department stores??? It is the same concept, the store is grossly empty in places and sometimes dark. Mostly, though, it has a lot of emptiness adn it gives me anxiety.

Well, guess what???????? Macy's at the Westridge Mall is going out of business. I could see the the emptiness all the way down from the food court. It wasn't dark and it was not closed, yet, so off I went to conquer my dream fear.

Oh my heck!! I do not think it helped. There was NOTHING on the 2nd floor, but maybe a few pieces of furniture. I had some mild anxiety and even got a little teary because it was very depressing. Not as bad as in my dreams, but enough to make me a bit uneasy. I will probably dream about it tonight. The bottom was slightly better, but everything was in the middle so there were more empty spaces.

I will have to go back when the store is closed and dark and see if I can bring myself to look inside. I think that end of the mall will be okay as it has some pretty popular stores. Unless they decide to move to the Dillards wing where there are a couple empty. Then we will see how much resembles my dreams and what I can handle!!

In happier news, we went to the kitchen store and I got an apple corer, a wooden spoon, a veggie scrubber AND a new pasta boat!!!! We also went to Barnes and Noble. The wonderful Carrie suggested the book, Eat To Live. I found it and had them check to see if it was available as an ebook and it is. So I will go back with my Nook and get it as it is only $10. The author has one on cholesterol, too, but I did not see it.

What did you do today?

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That corgi :) said...

Interesting about the mall stores and your dreams. I'm glad you went into the store at least to try to see if you could conquer your anxiety. I never know what to make of dreams, I've had recurring ones at times, like crossing the street so slowly, can't go faster and you can see a car coming towards you or having to go to the bathroom and can't find one or snakes at times in dreams. I never know what to make of dreams. Some people try to interpret them, but I don't put much stock in that.

Sounds otherwise you had a good day!

Rained all day today so stayed inside, worked in the morning, grocery shopping in the afternoon :)