Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Eating Changes

So, I have talked about how I have been trying to eat healthier and lower my cholesterol, but I wanted to also talk about my efforts to be more aware of what I eat and what is in stuff I am eating. I will give some examples.

Fast Food hamburgers -- I recently read something about McDonalds using a certain preservative in their hamburgers that had a rather disgusting description of what it looked like(I will spare you). Apparently they have stopped using it, but just the thought that they did and that other places may also have turned me off of ever eating another fast food hamburger again. This preservative may also be in other processed meats so I am really leery of getting beef products anywhere unless I know where they come from and what is in it. It also makes me wonder what the other preservatives are in those things lol. It is kind of like hot dogs -- I am fine if I do not know what is in them, but now that I know, I am disgusted lol.

French fries are still fair game lol

Ice cream - I asked TJ to get me some vanilla icecream when he was out last night. He came home with a tub of a soft custard yellow looking vanilla. At first I thought it was French Vanilla, but when I looked at the name it said vanilla flavor. It was not even real vanilla in it and the color was uunatural. Because of this when I tasted it it did not taste good to me. Whether it was real or imagined I don't know. But today I got Bryers which uses all natural ingredients. The vanilla is white :)

High Fructose Corn Syrup -- though there is disagreement about whether it is the same to your body as sugar or not I try to avoid it. Because it is not sugar. I am trying to cut back on soda, anyway. This narrows the field lol.

Margarine -- I was always suspicious of this because of its very unnatural color, but someone once told me it was one chemical structure away from plastic! Whether this is true or not I do not know, but I like to believe it is and do not eat margarine :) I think butter is fine in moderation or I use earth balance.

There is plenty else that I am eating that probably has weird preservatives and is not very healthy, but I am slowly making changes so that my body gets used to the better more healthy foods.

What is something you used to like, but refuse to eat anymore???

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That corgi :) said...

It is no wonder with all the different things in our food that people talk about eating "raw" which is basically nothing processed, things fresh, etc. I know I refuse to eat beef liver but that's because I never liked it growing up and now that I can buy/plan my own meals, it never finds a way on my menu planning :)