Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Grand Adventure

When I woke up this morning the sun was shining for a change. I could not resist taking advantage so I decided to go for a drive. There was a road I wanted to explore and see where it went. I found out. Then I kept going!! LOL

I headed down I-70 to McDowell Creek Rd, but instead of heading north to Manhattan on the scenic river road portion I headed south into the Flint Hills. I ended up on 177. I took that south to Humbolt Creek Rd. Then I ended up on Clarks Creek and in Dwight. Then I headed for White City, taking a little detour through Parkerville

By this time it was overcast again. After White City I ended up on 56 and stopped at the IGA in Herington to use the bathroom and get lunch. Then I headed down 77 to pick up 56 further south and ended up on the North side of Hillsborough to get gas. Then I headed north on 15 to Abilene. I stopped to see Gary and Jade at the Greyhound Hall of Fame, then did my walking around the Eisenhower Center

Then I went to Russell Stover's

I got TJ some cherry cordials and myself some dark chocolate private reserve. I will be rewarding myself with one each day that I both do my walking and clean something!

I ended with a trip to Dollar Tree for some baskets for my Food Storage Panrty. I am glad to be home now as I am tired!! I still need to clean the bathroom and have my apple for the day :)

Do you ever take a road just to see where it goes?

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That corgi :) said...

Oh my gosh, I would have so enjoyed Russell Stover's! Good reward for your hard work with the dark chocolate! I bet it is delicious! Seems like a fun mini day trip you did! Hubby does that a lot on our drives, wants to check out a road or figure out how to get some place; leads us to interesting places at times :)