Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Cat-Aversary Scout!!!

Today I have a very special Mancat Monday. 5 years ago today I adopted Scout!! Some people call it a Gotcha Day, but we prefer cataversary :)

On March 1st, 2007 I worte this.. "Then we went to the animal shelter. The boy I want is still there. I told him that if he is still there when I move I will come get him, but if someone adopts him first that is okay because I want him to go to a good home"
Scout was the super friendliest cat I had ever seen. I truly believe, though, that he did not act as friendly wth other people who came to visit the shelter because he would have been adopted much sooner!! I think he chose me and was holding out.

On 3-2-07 I wrote.. "My friend, Amanda, offered to take the cat I want until I move in to my new home(I don't want to bring him out here). Soooo ....... I am getting his stuff Monday and making sure he is still at the shelter so I can start adoption proceedings!!! He is the friendly boy I have been talking about and I am so excited to get him!!! I am currently debating whether to name him Riley or Scout. I am now leaning towards Scout. "
I did not want to bring him out to the trailer I was living in. That was why i was going to wait and adopt a cat after I moved on post(on the 17th), but a dear friend of mine offered to take him into her home for a couple weeks since she knew i wanted him so much

Then on March 5th..."Left for Post at 11am and went to the Shelter to adopt my new cat!!! I named him SCOUT. He has to spend one more night there because I had to get stuff for him. He is all set now after a trip to Walmart!!! I will pick him up tomorrow and take him to a friend's house until next Friday.

And that is how I got my boy!!! The first evening at my friend's he got his first and only bath and made friends with her cat and dog. He did not hide under furniture or anything, just set about exploring her house!

Here are some early pictures of him. The shelter estimated him to be at 9 months old.

I also got the flu the day i brought him to my new house so unpacking was slowgoing. He loved lounging on boxes!

He used to love curling up in the sink!

TJ came home on R&R and met Scout in May

Scout was so little!! Here he is today..

He has truly been a blessing in my life and I love him so much.

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Fuzzy Tales said...

I called it "adoption day" until I started participating in the CB. LOL.

Whatever you call, we all hope Scout has a fantastic day! He's lucky to have such a wonderful forever home.