Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pinterest Recipes #2 -- Baked Apple Chips, Maple Salmon, Zaxby's Sauce and Green Bean Bundles

I had the day off Friday and a refrigerator full of ingredients for some Pinterest found recipes so I got cooking!

First up I made Baked Apple Chips

These were ridiculously easy as they only had 2 ingredients

Coring was a bit of a struggle though. That will be my next cooking gadget purchase -- an apple corer! I was also quite heavy handed with the cinnamon lol

This ended up being an epic fail

But these 3 were ok.

Next time I will only cook them an hour and put the cinnamon in a strainer first.

Next was Zaxby's sauce. Zaxby's is a chicken place. We had one in Florida, but I never ate there. My husband did, though, once. before we were dating. Apparently he went with his brother in law to get dinner for the family and they were quite taken aback at the prices lol. This sauce looked good and easy to make so I did.

1⁄2 c mayonnaise, 1⁄4 c ketchup, 1⁄2 T garlic powder, 1⁄2 T Worcestershire, 1 t paprika, generous amount of black pepper (cover surface two or three times) & mix well. Allow sauce to sit a few hours before serving.

I made it directly in a tupperware dish.

Next was Green Bean Bundles

These were AMAZING, but overflowed the cookie sheet and dripped to the bottom of the oven and set the smoke alarm off lol. TJ said he would clean the oven on Monday.

The last thing I made was Maple Glazed Salmon

I ended up frying the seasoned salmon in the maple syrup since the oven was now out of commission.

It came out okay. Not your normal tasting salmon.

I fried up the 2 remaining pieces of bacon from the bean bundles in the leftover seasoned syrup and then made 3 over medium eggs. the eggs were good, but not the bacon. I am planning on using the leftover salmon in a stirfry with the bacon crumbled. Maybe I will use the Zaxby's sauce as well!!

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