Friday, March 23, 2012

Probate Update

I am preparing this post ahead of time, but as you are reading this on Friday I will speak as if it is already Friday lol.

Anyway, yesterday I was driving all over the country, but today I am in the city!! The BIG city. Kansas City. And Overland Park. Visiting all those places we do not have close by :)

So, on Tuesday, my probate hearing was held in California and my Petition for Probate was approved. What happens now is that the lawyer is sending the order to the court to be signed, which will take 2-3 weeks. Then I will be able to pay my lawyer and distribute the funds (to myself!) and be DONE. Yay!!!! This weekend I am having my taxes and the estate taxes done so I can take care of paying those, too.

Almost there!! As a present to myself when all this is done I have my eye on a Coach purse at the PX and a flourescent pink shirt lol.

About a week ago I ordered myself a new lunch bag from ThirtyOne

It is going with me today as well as a cooler :)

I will have a recap of my day trip hopefully tomorrow and then on Sunday I hope to have a recipe post!!


Carrie said...

Hope it's going well! The lunch box is too cute!

That corgi :) said...

Did your mom pass without a will or living trust? Hubby/brother didn't have to do probate (thankfully because they had a will/living trust and what wasn't in there was below the amount to go to probate). Glad to hear you are almost done with it and can move on from having to deal with it, especially since you are having to do it long distance!

Like that colorful lunch box!

I hope the day is a good one!


Kim said...

Yay!!!! I look forward to seeing you this summer!!!

Robyn :) said...

Betty, yes... no will or living trust. It has been a nightmare. A living trust is the best way to go as you still have to go through probate with a will. It is just not as long.