Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Quick Update

Happy Tuesday all! I am enjoying the second day of my Spring Break. Scout is at the vet resting after his teeth cleaning. Dr. Julie said he did great, no pulled teeth, but some mild gingivitis. She said he was a little scared, too. He cried all the way to the vet and up to when we got in, but once inside he was quiet. I think he really recognizes it as a safe place now. I bet he is eating up all the attention he is getting there lol. We will have a recap tomorrow.

I have been doing good with my eating and exercise. I am eating vegetarian meals this week. I am not opposed to having some meat or poultry, but the meals I planned do not have any. I even had a vegetarian sandwich from Jimmy Johns yesterday!! It is what I usually get there. I made a vegetarian dish on Sunday and today I had leftovers in a lettuce wrap. I have been eating my apples, too. Sunday I made dried apples in the oven, yesterday I ate a whole apple and today I had apple chips. Not sick of apples yet!!

Yesterday I walked around the apartment complex for 10 minutes and today I walked almost a mile on the Riverwalk.

As for cleaning.... I am a bit off, but getting things done. Yesterday we went to Manhattan first so we started on the bedroom late. We did manage to go through our clothes and I did get quite a few things picked up and the winter clothes packed away. I am going to work on the shelf in the closet later today. I did get the kitchen cleaned up over the weekend, but it got messy again lol. So I am working on that again today. Plus I have the bathtub soaking in bleach water and will be cleaning that. The main focus today has been the livingroom, though. I am half done.

I will be going to KC on Friday. I do not think the spareroom will get done this week unless I work on it a little everyday. Maybe I can get that point :)

How is your week going so far?

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That corgi :) said...

Good for you for your healthy eating and the walking going further distances! It will pay off! Glad to hear Scout's vet visit went as well as it could! Koda loves the vet because they give him a cookie when he first gets there, he's so shameless when it comes to begging or asking for food :)

enjoy the rest of your break!