Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Ramblings

Just a few things on my mind...

I am still looking for a new pair of slippers. I looked at Target, but their selection was dismally limited.

However, Target has a great selection of other things. Plus, they remodeled the store to include a HUGE grocery section. I did not buy groceries, though I bought egg lights, makeup remover pads, and a cleanser.

I bought makeup removers because I have been wearing makeup every day to work. I love my Bare Essentials makeup.

Speaking of makeup, I have decided that a reward for maintaining my weight (not losing or gaining) will be a new makeup product OR something for the house, as suggested by Betty :)

In addition to wearing makeup to work everyday I have also been getting up early enough to shower and eat breakfast. I credit this to having more energy from healthier eating.

I splurged on food big time yesterday. We had a breakfast at work so I sampled 2 egg dishes, vegan banana bread, potatoes and fruit. I had brought a healthy lunch of leftover vegetable frittata and cottage cheese, but the lunch menu tricked me. It said Chicken Sandwich which would imply a chicken breast to me, but it was actually Chicken Patty on a Bun which is my FAVORITE. It is a breaded chicken patty. They just changed the name. So I had that and some wedge cut fries. Not very healthy. Then we went to Olive Garden for date night. I had parmesan crusted shrimp and ravioli. I filled up on salad first, but also had dessert. I had leftovers for lunch today.

I also did not walk yesterday so I walked 20 minutes today. On the Riverwalk. Monday I move up to 15 minutes.

We went and saw Hunger Games, too, last night. I will have a separate post about that.

I received an email from the lawyer's office. The order came back signed! So now I am sending them a check for their fees and then they will send me a receipt of funds to sign then they will file a close of estate and it will be DONE. Yay!!!!

Tomorrow I will be making tofu lettuce wraps and cabbage salad. They should last the whole week.

Here are some pictures from our breakfast at work.


Hope you are having a great weekend!

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That corgi :) said...

My gosh look at all that food! I'm sure no one went away hungry. Will be interested in readng your review about the Hunger Games. I have not read the book but heard great things about it. My sister and her family have seen the movie three times the opening week, LOL.

Great incentive you have with your rewards for losing weight!