Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break Plans

Since I have a whole week off from work I have decided I am going to work on getting the apartment in shape, with a side trip to KC. I will also be having rewards of some sort, like maybe a special place to do that day's walking or a drive or a bath :)

Tentative/flexible plans are as follows....

Saturday - Clean kitchen. Reward will be going to Topeka for the annual bike show.

Sunday -- nothing.

Monday -- bedroom and closet. TJ will be home to help with this!! Reward will be going to Manhattan, which I kinda got to do anyway because I have a book due LOL.

Tuesday -- Livingroom. This is also the day Scout goes to the vet. Not sure on a reward.

Wednesday -- Diningroom, which includes filing. Reward will probably be a walk on the riverwalk or a dinner ride or a drive.

Thursday -- Bathroom. Reward -- bath!!

Friday -- Craftroom. Reward will probably the same as Tueesday.

Saturday -- cars and storage shed.

Now, one of these days I will be going to KC so I will probably double up that room on that day with another.

I will also be feeding a friend's bird a couple days and walking. And eating healthier. I have a variety of beans to try lol.

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That corgi :) said...

Sounds like great plans for spring break! Wise that you are planning some fun things in there too so you aren't just cleaning and organizing but taking the time to enjoy the time off from work!