Tuesday, March 6, 2012

An Unexpected Surprise

While driving to work Monday morning my car's Low Tire light came on. When I parked at work there were a couple tires looking a little low to me so I called TJ and asked of he could come by(he has Mondays off) to either pump the tires up with his portable air thing or take the car to a gas station to do it. He agreed. Later I called him and suggested he bring me lunch and have linch woth me and check them then. Well, he dropped off lunch and said he had things to do, but would check the tires. When I got off work after afterschool program I found that one of my tires were flat. I was NOT happy. He came then and pumped it up. In order to use the air thing it has to be plugged in to the car lighter. I had not used it before and in the 2 years the car has been in my possession I have never even opened up the tray that houses the ashtray and lighter.

I discovered an old cigarrette in the ashtray. I don't smoke so obviously it was not mine. I asked TJ if when he has ever driven my car someone had smoked in it and he assured me no one had. So that means that the cigarette I found was my mom's. It was the last cigarette she ever smoked in the car, quite possibly on the last day of her life (though I suspect it may have been the day before as that would have been Saturday and it is more likely she was out driving on a Saturday).

It was quite an unexpected surprise, but a pleasant one. Something I know my mom had touched in the last days of her life. I am very reluctant to throw it out for this reason, even though it is disintegrating and I do not want people to think I smoke. I will probably throw it out in a few days.

Have you ever found something unexpected in your car?


Kim said...

Wow! And to add on to what TJ said, you would have smelled cigarette smoke by now if one of his friends smoked in the car.

Robyn :) said...

True lol.