Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Vet Report 2012 -- Round 1

Presented by Scout and Mama.

Mama: It was that time of the year again. Scout's shots. I warned him.

Scout:I knew it was time for shots, but that did not stop me from trying everything I could not to go. Especially refusing to get in that stupid carrier!

Mama: I could barely get him out the door. And to the car. He was on a leash, but kept trying to get away.

Scout:I hate the car!!! It was just as awful as I remembered it! I hid under mommy's seat when it moved and let her know my displeasure

Mama: Then we got to the vet

Scout:There was a GIGANTIC dog there!! It was HUGE! I think it wanted to eat me!!

Mama: It was a St. Bernard. Scout has never seen one before. and it was excited to see Scout. So I took him back into the foyer where he proceeded to get up on my shoulders and head. So I took him out

Scout:I wanted to get away!! I tried running, but Mommy picked me back up and made me go back in. A nice lady came in and petted me

Mama: I took him to a corner of the waiting room and sat quietly with him. He was better. Pretty soon we were taken back to get weighed and put into a room.

Scout:I am 9.6 pounds!! And they put us in a blue room. We usually go in the green one. I let mommy hold me and it was nice. Then Dr. Julie came in and talked to Mommy

Mama: We discussed Scout's vomiting issues and decided that we would have him dewormed and also have some bloodwork and diagnostic testing done later this week. Then it was time for shots.

Scout:I forget how much shots hurt!! And there were 3! I thought that would be it, but then they came back and squirted some stuff in my mouth!!

Mama: For the deworming

Scout:Then they did the absolutely worst thing ever!!! They cut off my claws!! My beautiful man claws. GONE!!

Mama: They trimmed his claws.

Scout: Whatever. I was only expecting shots. Then we finally got to go. After mommy paid.

Mama: The ride home wasn't as bad. He hid under the seat again and did not cry quite as much.

Scout:I am never going back there again!!!!

Mama: He is going back on Thursday to get bloodwork and some diagnostic testing done. He will stay for a few hours. Then he will probably go back in a couple weeks for his teeth cleaning.

Scout:That's what you think!

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Fuzzy Tales said...

Oh, Scout, we feel for you! Nicki was at the vet on Tuesday for regular stuff, and needs another dental cleaning sometime in the next few months or so. For us here, that means an estimate of $800. Crazy.

We have our paws crossed that all goes well with your blood work and tests this coming week. There could be something in your food that's upsetting your system, especially if you're eating a high grain food.