Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Vet Report 2012 -- Round 2.

Presented again by Mama and Scout

Mama: I took Scout back to the vet Thursday for bloodwork and diagnostic testing. I had a hard time sleeping the night before because Scout could not have food after 10 and kept climbing on me and pawing me in the face.

Scout: She starved me!!!!!!!!!! My tummy was so so hungry!!

Mama: The trip there was a lot easier this time. We went in the car. Scout spent most of the ride in the backseat, crying.

Scout: Cars are scary!!!!

Mama: There were no St. Bernards in the waiting room this time lol. No one at all, actually. They took Scout right back.

Scout: Mama left me there for days!!!!! I think it was a whole week! and I got poked and prodded. But then they gave me food and a comfy place to rest. I took a nap, or two.

Mama: While he rested, I was waiting at Walmart for 4 hours to get tires on the car. But when I picked Scout up he was good. he cried on the way home, but laid on the front seat and let me pet him.

Scout: It was the least she could do after abandoning me!! Then she did it again and left me in the car for hours!!

Mama: I went into Handy's for 5 minutes to get us lunch. I even got a can of Spaghettios just so Scout could have the sauce!!

Scout: Yeah, that was good. I got to lick the can and her bowl.

Mama: Everything came back good on Scout. They want him to take some medicine quarterly, though, to help with the deworming in case that was the cause for his vomiting. I get the pleasure of squirting that into his mouth lol. And he gets his teeth cleaned on the 20th!

Scout: I see I will need to do some plotting before then.


Fuzzy Tales said...

Accck, another vet trip. We feel for you, Scout. We're glad all is okay though.

Derry throws up quite often because he eats too quickly, and oh, poor Annie used to have a lot of hairballs in the summer.

Hopefully no more barfing for you, though, Scout! :-)

P.S. Sorry but we really dislike the word verification. Since Google changed it, it's become SO hard to actually post a comment on a blog that still has it enabled. If you're worried about spam, you could try disabling the word verification, but enabling comment moderation after one or two days. Just a suggestion!

Robyn :) said...

I turned off the verification. I've noticed, too, that it has gotten harder to read. I will see how it goes and moderate of necessary. Thanks!