Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Vet Report 2012 -- Round Three

Presented by Mama and Crazy Cat

Mama: Scout was a terror at the vet

Scout: It was not my fault!! It was that bratty cat in the cage next to me!!

Mama: It was awful

Scout: Yes, it was. But NOT ME.

Mama: Let's start at the beginning.

Scout: Mama starved me for days and days again

Mama: He could not eat or drink after 10. He spent most of the night climbing on me, messing up the nightstand and pawing my face. Then we had a visitor. Some strange cat showed up on our patio about 4 in the morning.

Scout: it was mean. Mommy opened the screen for us to talk and it started hissing at me. So I hissed back

Mama: I am pretty sure it was a girl because Scout and girl cats do not get along. I opened the screen to try to pet her and calm her down and she walked right in!! I picked her, up, though and she growled so I put her back out

Scout: Good riddance!!

Mama: She didn't have a collar so I hope she was not a stray. She probably just snuck out. Anyway, after that we were finally able to get some sleep.

Scout: Then SHE woke me up!!!!!! And made me get in that awful car!!

Mama: he cried the WHOLE way there, as usual. And up to the door and in the foyer. But once we were in the waiting room he stopped.

Scout: Well, I have been there before and the people are nice. I did not know the torture they would put me through.

Mama: Soooooo, I left him and they said he did really good, but was a little scared. he had NO teeth pulled, but some gingivitis. They fed him lunch and he napped. Since he was not bleeding he did not get pain medication. But the anesthesia left him loopy.

Scout: I was feeling pretty good, but then that EVIL cat was put in the cage next to me. She was NUTS. She cried and hissed and was MEAN to everyone! Then there was a dog and it was just nuts and I wanted to go home!

Mama: I picked him up at 3. After I paid, they went to get him and I heard this horrible scream. I could not believe it was Scout. He has never acted like that before.

Scout: It was all that evil cat's fault. She got me so upset and I did not know who to trust since they made me stay in there near her!

Mama: I went back to try to calm him down, but he was not having it. They assured me that the other cat had, indeed, worked him up. I was mortified. My old cat, AJ, used to act like that when he was put in a cage. It gave him extreme anxiety. I do not want Scout to start having that. And it breaks your heart hearing him scream like that. Anyway, Dr A. showed me that the other cat was just as ornery and it was okay. They loaned me a carrier to take Scout home in and a very nice lady there managed to get Scout in a towel and stuffed in the carrier. He growled a bit, especially outside in the rain, but was fine on the ride home and once we got inside.

Scout: I am never going back there ever again!

Mama: (ignoring that comment) And now for the post-cleaning, drugged up cat pictures!!

Scout: noooooooo!!!!

He pretty much wandered aimlessly around the house for awhile, stopping to eat a few times. Then he just sat here in the kitchen

Scout: Check out my cool leg bandage!! I am keeping that on forever. It gives me street cred.

Mama: Although not as funny as last year's pictures, I thought the faceplant into the bed was pretty funny

Scout: not really

Mama: He mostly rested in the closet, but later found 2 very comfy spots on the bed to rest with me.

Scout: I am glad to be home


Fuzzy Tales said...

Awww, poor Scout, what an ordeal you had. We're glad you didn't have to have an extractions, though. Those are NOT fun afterward. Ouch!

That corgi :) said...

You did have an ordeal at the vet, Scout! But I agree, it wasn't your fault. I'm sure next time they will be careful with who they put in the cage next to you! I bet you were so glad to be home!