Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What Is Wrong With Me?

Yesterday morning I had bloodwork done to test my thyroid and cholesterol. I was really optimistic that I had hypothyroidism because it would explain why I am tired ALL THE TIME. It would have been nice to start shedding some weight by taking medicine lol. But, alas, my thyroid is fine. My cholesterol is not. However, the nurse told me that would not affect my energy levels.

I have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow to discuss how to get my cholesterol where it needs to be. I will be getting on medication, making changes in diet and exercising. The only problem is having the energy to exercise.

The nurse suggested that maybe I need to have my iron tested. When I was younger, like highschool age or younger, I had to take iron pills for awhile, so that would not surprise me if I had a deficiency. The nurse said to make a list of stuff that I want to discuss with the doctor so I do not forget. Also on my list is that I seem to have elevated levels of anxiety and depression during my period and also frequest headaches that are probably caused by caffeine.

I would really like to start feeling better. NOW!


That corgi :) said...

Do make a list to discuss with the doctor. I'm surprised they didn't automatically check your iron or blood count when they did the other lab tests (but what do I know). I hope you do get answers when you see the doctor and that you do start feeling better soon!


Kim said...

Sending you private message.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Also check B12, as well as the iron.

If your diet is high in sugar and carbs, though, that also could affect your energy levels. I've been tired since I was 19 -- lol.

Good luck!