Monday, April 23, 2012

Busy Bee

I am still busy and trying to concentrate on exercising and eating healthy so my posting will be sporadic until summer vacation...which is just 4 weeks away!!!!

Anyway, I am up to 25 minutes walking, but have incorporated running and have twice gotten up to 10 minutes! Once I get to 30 minutes and maintain it a week I will treat myself to a pedicure :)

I lost another pound for a total of 16. Trying for 20 by this weekend. My original reward was going to be a Coach purse, but as my probate is not quite done yet I am putting that off. It is now my 25 pound reward. My husband still does not have his discount so new sneakers are out, too (I am thinking of saving those for 30 minute running). So, what should I do??? I am thinking new slip on shoes. I have some black Airwalks from Payless that I love and am thinking of looking for a different color. Or Toms. Or some new sandals.

Since eating better and exercising I have had a bit more energy. Also, I have been 4 days headache free, except for momentary flareups, but they do not require medication :)

I have also joined 2 support "groups". One is on the Eat To Live website, which is the program I am following. The other is a Facebook group called Taking Back My Life which I heard about from someone from church. The same person who is wanting to do the mud Run in September. I still want to do it, plus I am going to do the 1 mile fun run in our town on 4th of july. They have a 10k, too, but there is no way I can do that this year lol.

Speaking of church....our church has been having an open house this month for their newest temple in Kansas City, MO. Before a temple is dedicated (or rededicated of it has gone through renovations) the church hosts an open house where anyone can come to walk through and see the temple. If you are ever able to attend one of these I highly encourage you to do so. Last weekend I went to volunteer. I was assigned to help with food service and I served punch and water in the church building next door. It was nice to serve. I was so tired by the end, though, that I did not get to take a tour, so I asked TJ if he wanted to go this coming weekend and he agreed. We are also going to take a nice older gentleman from church. I will get pictures of the outside, but I cannot insode. However, they have brochures with pictures and information so if anyone is interested please let me know and I will send you one. I am also always willing to answer questions and/or send a Book of Mormon. Or a Bible.

On my trip to the temple I discovered a Jack in The Box in Kansas City, KS!!! This is the first one I have seen in Kansas and I am hoping they move out by us eventually(yes, they are not healthy, but it is ok to cheat once in awhile). I stopped there and had some fabulous egg rolls. This weekend I may get a Sourdough Jack, but without the hamburger and bacon.

I also saw the world's largest chicken on this trip, but neglected to get a picture :( I am going to try to find him again. He was the size of a dog.

Sorry about the lack of pictures, but I have not had time to upload any. I have some of Scout on Facebook I may save and then show you this week.


That corgi :) said...

So glad you are continuing on with your healthy eating and lifestyle!! Definitely paying off! I did get to see the temple in Billings Montana before it got dedicated. I was so glad I did; very fascinating to see the inside. I remember we all had to put on those little paper slippers over our shoes before we went in for the tour :)

I always say blogs are always here; so just enjoy doing what you are doing and know blogs will be here when you get back to them!


Terence said...

Interesting and lovely post.