Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Update

Hello! I still have not transferred my pictures from my camera so I STILL do not have a post from my day trip 2 weeks ago! and NO recipe lol. But I will update you on some things.

I am on a 4 day weekend. I weighed myself this morning and have not lost or gained, but I think it is water retention from my you know what. I have definitely kept up with exercise this week and have eaten well. So I am not worried. As a maintenance reward I bought some Maybelline mascara.

I went to the PX today to get the mascara and visit the purses and guess what???? They were having a 20% off clearance Coach purses for just 2 hours!!!!! This did include the red one I had been eyeing. I agonized between it and a black one. They were shiny and nice, BUT I then found a couple others i liked. One was leather(or pleather) and the other not, but both black and a bit roomier. They were not part of the sale. So I decided to get one of those after my 20 pound loss(as planned)and instead got a small handheld purse I am going to use as a wallet or a handbag when I want to go light lol. I also bought a Vera Bradley wallet to use inside for my cards and such. This replaced my 10 pound reward of slippers :) I will use slippers as a weight maintenance reward.

Starting Monday I am going to kick my weightloss program into high gear! I have been reading the book Eat To Live and I am going to take the 6 week challenge. I will be able to eat all the veggies and fruit and beans I want and a bit of grains and stuff. The idea is to eat whole foods and to feel satisfied while losing weight and getting healthier. Since I am already eating mostly vegetarian meals this should ease some of the transition, but it is still going to be hard. Dr Furhman also warns that at first you may feel worse as your body is adjusting to the changes, but then you will start to feel fantastic. Kind of like giving up caffeine lol. I plan to stick with this way of eating for life. Another thing that I like about this program is that he suggests building in cheats like once a week. Nothing crazy, but he says it is better to plan your cheats. Mine will either be some cheese or chocolate lol.

Well, that is about all for now. I hope everyone has a great and Happy Easter!!

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