Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Hunger Games Book

When I first heard of the book Hunger Games I thought that it was not a book I would like. Kids having to compete to the death to win food for their "district"? Not my thing.

About a year later I was the para in the 5th grade reading class and the teacher had started reading the series, on the recommendation of his wife. He was so excited about it and was describing the plot to the class. He explained how the main character volunteers to go in place of her sister and some other stuff and it sounded more interesting to me. I went to the library to see if it was available, but it wasn't. I kind of put it in the back of my mind, figuring I would read it at some point.

Then all the movie hype started and it kind of turned me off of reading the book. I am kind of resistant to reading books that are overly hyped, with very few exceptions such as the Da Vinci Code and Twilight. And even those I had to come to terms with reading in my own time.

Then the commercials for the movie began. The one they kept showing featuring Katniss volunteering as Tribute struck something with me and really made me want to read the book and even see the movie, maybe. One day I found myself at Walmart waiting several hours for new tires. After killing half an hour walking around the store I realized I was in desperate need of some reading material(I had brought my writing journal in hopes of getting some writing done, but I was not inspired at all). So I wandered over to the book section. I decided to check out the Hunger Games. I picked up a glossy paperback with the movie mockingjay symbol. $8.59. I read the first chapter in the aisle and was hooked. But I did not want to pay that much money for the book. I decided I would look at the library. Then I found the non movie cover paperback and it was only $6.29. I could justify spending that so I bought it and read half while waiting for my tires. I would have finished it that day except I took a 4 hour nap! I finished it the next day.

I waited a week before reading Catching Fire. I found it at the library. After that one I had to read Mockingjay. Not finding it readily available at 2 libraries I went to Hastings to buy the box set(my plan was to send it to my in laws when done), but they did not have it so I just bought Mockingjay. $20. Yes, I was reluctant to pay $8 at first and now I spent $20!! They did not have Catching Fire so I found that at Walmart, hardback, only $12!!!! Right now I have loaned out Hunger Games to Miss K and one of her classmates wants to borrow it next. She has asked to borrow the other 2 books as well. So my inlaws will have to wait! I eventually want to get the trilogy on my Nook.

Since this post has been quite long I will talk about the movie in a separate post.

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That corgi :) said...

I have heard that people are hooked to reading it once they start it. Maybe after April and the A/z Challenge I'll break down and get the series to read.