Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Steps to Giving up Sugary Soda and What's Next

After successfully giving up caffeine the next thing I am working on cutting out of my diet is sugary sodas. That includes diet soda, too because I do not like them and they have fake sugar in them.

When I gave up caffeine I also gave up drinking sodas with high fructose corn syrup. Instead I stuck with Blue Sky and Hansens which use Cane Sugar. However, that is still sugar so the next step is giving up those sodas.

That leaves fruit based sodas like Izze and OceanSpray Sparkling Cranberry. I need to see how much sugar is in those. If it is less than Hansens and Blue Sky then they will go next. If not, they will go at the same time.

Next is Izze Esque. This is mostly juice. It kind of tastes like a diet, but does not have artificial sweetener.

That will leave leave sparkling water and/or selzer water. This should satisy any carbonation craving I have. Of course it does have sodium. Guess what may be next???? lol.

Other things I am going to try giving up eventually are salt, cheese, and (gulp) meat!!! The operative word is TRY.

I have actually not had any red meat in the past couple weeks. I have had chicken and fish and a teeny tiny bit of pork. I have challenged myself not to eat ANY red meat until my trip to California and only then when we visit the Steakhouse at the Madonna Inn. It may very well be the last steak I ever eat.

Not sure I will ever give up chicken(I do not eat it that much anyway) and it is highly doubtful I would ever give up fish.

Have you given up anything lately? Maybe for lent?


That corgi :) said...

I think it is great that you gave up caffeine, Robyn! We gave up diet sodas a year ago when we moved. I didn't buy any after we moved and realized I didn't miss them; I just drink water mostly here.

Madonna Inn is a cool place :)


Fuzzy Tales said...

Good for you!

I gave up sugar, and that lasted for 3 years, then I fell off the wagon, so to speak. It's an awful addiction to have.

Caffeine is harder...I had to go a couple of years without coffee before I found a lovely low-acid bean that my stomach could handle. Now I'm back to my morning mug and loving it!

Happy Easter weekend to you, Scout and to all your family, Robyn.