Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sorry I Have Been Missing

I just realized that I have not posted in awhile. Sorry! I have been busy I guess.

This week I started working 2 days a week for afterschool program. I am no longer subbing. One of the other people wanted to quit so I took her days. This way I am guaranteed only 2 days a week and they are not in a row :) Plus, it is only for 5 weeks (well, now 4).

I have also kicked up my exercise a bit. I am on 20 minutes and have added some running. Today I ran for half the time!!

I have continued to eat healthy, but I had a slice of pizza and a can of caffeine free Pepsi on Tuesday during a field trip.

As of last week I have lost 15 pounds. I bought myself a fancy makeup bag as a reward.

Last weekend I tried to face my scary mall dream fears, but was thwarted!!. As you may recall, all my life I have had dreams of being in malls where there is a dark department store and sometimes a whole wing that is dark and/or empty. Well, Macy's at the Topeka Mall went out of business. My plan was to go up to the doors and look into the dark store. Unfortunately they had boarded the windows and doors on the mall side up! They did not board the doors to the outside, but instead of being dark they still had the lights on inside!! The only thing that was remotely scary was the facade of Macy's in the mall was dark marble so it did look a little creepy with the windows boarded up. I haven't had a scary mall dream since lol.

That is really all that is going on.

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That corgi :) said...

So proud of you for sticking with your exercise and making progress to advance it! 15 pounds gone is great; good reward for it too!! I did wonder where you were :) Glad to see things are going good as they can!

have a good weekend.