Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tentative California Plans.

This is my tentative schedule for my trip to California, subject to change.

I am planning on leaving the day after Memorial Day. I will drive to the Denver area on that Tuesday and attend the temple there. I will either stay in the area that night or if there is time, drive to Vail and spend the night there so I can do some sightseeing in the morning. In any case I would like to see a bit of Vail on Wednesday and then stop in St George, Utah to attend the temple there Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Then it is on to Las Vegas baby!! I will spend the night there(and sightsee) and attend the temple Friday morning. Then I will stop at Stateline to shop the outlets. I will either stay at Stateline overnight or drive on into LA to my friend's apartment. I want to be at her place before or on Saturday morning. Then we can decide what to do the rest of the day. Sunday morning I would like to go to church then spend the day downtown exploring the Farmer's Market , China Town, Broadway and maybe Olvera Street. Unless Bonnie has something else planned. In that case I will do those things on Monday as I have no plans for that day...yet. On Tuesday I would like to attend the Los Angeles temple and then go shopping in Beverly Hills :). I believe that the next day is when Bonnie has off and we will be driving up the coast for a few days. We get back on a Sunday. The following week I am heading south. I will be visiting Kim in the OC and hopefully Betty in San Diego. I would like to attend the San Diego temple while I am down there. In the OC I am hoping to stay in Laguna Beach for 2 nights. Somewhere during these 2 weeks I need to visit my cousin who is having knee surgery and get to the cemetery. I will try to visit other family and friends as well. To wrap up the trip I am hoping to head out to the desert to visit a friend and then find an interesting route home. Maybe I will even see the Grand Canyon!

Hurry up end of May!!!


Kim said...

Let's plan! (FYI-my sofa's uncomfortable...)

That corgi :) said...

As you get closer, give me a date where you think you might be in San Diego so I can see about time off from work, etc. I need to give two weeks notice for a day off, but maybe we can do dinner or something.....