Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Twice As Scary Mall Dream

It has been a long time since I had a scary mall dream, but last night's dream MORE than made up for that lol.

Usually in my scary mall dream only one department store and it's wing are dark and/or deserted and scary but this time it was TWO! And they were adjacent!

This presented a lot of distress to me in the dream because there was a Sephora store I was desperate to visit that happened to be right at the corner of the 2 wings that were scary!!

They were not dark (well the stores were as nothing was in them), but the wings were actually well lit. Which did not diminish the scariness or anxiety they produced. I was nearly paralyzed with fear.

I have been trying to think about today what might have happened yesterday or what has been going on that may have triggered the dream. I am trying to figure out when they occur. All I can come up with is that I have PMS lol. Obviously my recent trip to the Oak Park Mall in OP and the Sephora store (which really does sit at the corner of 2 wings in the mall!) provided the setting for this particular dream.

I am pretty sure that by now the Macy's store at the Topeka mall is completly closed so I am thinking a trip out there is in order soon to see if I am brave enough to walk up to the doors and look in (shudder). I mayy need to take some Xanax first lol.

Have you had any reoccurring dreams lately? Scary or otherwise?

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Kim said...

Woooow. The symbolism here.....