Monday, May 21, 2012

Clothes and Accessories for The Trip

Okay, I was going to write about journaling my trip, but my camera is MIA again and I need to take pictures of the supplies so in the meantime(I will find the camera when I start cleaning this week!) I will tell you about other preparations. First up are the clothing and accessories I will be taking

Clothing --

underwear, socks, 1 pair jeans, 2 pair capris, 1 pair nice slacks, 2 skirts, 2 nice blouses, several shirts, several pairs of shorts, exercise clothes, temple clothes, bathing suits, cover up, 2 pairs pajamas, jacket and longsleeved shirt

Accessories --

shoes(sneakers, brown, black and red sandals, black slip ons, red heels, black nice), jewelry, hair accessories, hats, slippers, sunglasses

I figure it is going to be warm in California so shorts are a must!! However, I wanted a pair of slacks for if I need to dress nice, like when I meet with my financial advisor, jeans in case it is cold, and capris for in between lol. I also need skirts for church and the temple, plus nice blouses to wear with them or for going out. I plan on exercising so I need clothes(and shoes) for that, plus a swimsuit and coverup for swimming!! I also figured on 2 pairs of pajamas to have variety. and a lon g sleeved shirt and light jacket.

I chose a good variety of shoes as well. I will have a pedicure beforehand so sandals will be okay. I will also bring a long a good amount of jewelry and hair accessories. I also want hats for outdoor adventures (or bad hair days!!)and sunglasses to look cool lol.

Is there anything I've missed?? It will be a 3 week trip so I have lots of stuff. In a later post I will explain how and where I am packing it all.

Also thought I'd mention that today was the last day of school so I am officially on summer vacation!!

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That corgi :) said...

Yea that you are on summer vacation!!! and you are right to think that the weather could be a variety of things; you're coming in June and I'm sure you remember June Gloom that can actually be colder than our January temps!! Seems like you got it handled with what to bring!