Thursday, May 24, 2012

Entertainment for the Trip

6 more days and I will be on the road!!! A week from today I will be driving through Colorado and Utah and staying in St. George. I can almost taste the fry sauce at Carl's Jr!!

Today I am going to talk about what I am going to bring for entertainment on the trip. I get bored easily so i have a few things I am bringing. Here is the list..

Entertainment – iPod, books and Nook, CDs, writing notebook, pens, journal, art kit, computer, scriptures and journal, chargers, phone, camera, gossip magazines

The iPod is a must have for exercising and I can hook it up in my car if I find the right adapter, The Walmart one is not working so we are going to go to Best Buy.

I am bringing a couple paperback books and I have a couple on my Nook. If need be I will order more. I also want to get some gossip magazines. And I always bring my scriptures. Debating on whether to bring my journal for church. I might just use my writing notebook and then attach the pages in the regular journal.

The CDs are for the ride. Looking forward to hearing Rocky Mountain High in the actual Rockies!!!

I am hoping to get a little writing one on the trip so I will have my small notebook. I also have my journal and supplies, plus a small art kit I bought. It has a pad and colored pencils, watercolors and drawing pencils. I am hoping to be inspired.

Of course I will have my computer and will try to update regularly. I always have my phone and the chargers are essential. And the camera is much needed!!!

I am trying not to bring too much. I already had to pare down some of my clothes and will probably eliminate a few more when I pack!!

What are your must haves for entertainment on a trip???

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That corgi :) said...

Chocolate. (for entertainment :) Seriously when we take a long car trip, I usually indulge a bit in chocolate since it can get so boring on some of those stretches.

You are super organized with all your planning! Great things you are bringing along to amuse yourself and keep yourself from getting too bored!