Friday, May 25, 2012

Food for the Trip

Since I will be traveling by car, food for the road is essential. Also, I want some healthier options as I will be indulging quite a bit over the 3 weeks. It is good to balance it out. Especially since I hit a milestone today of 25 pounds lost!!!!! That's right, I am now at 175. AND I have lost a clothing size!! No more 18's!! I am now in 16 and in the case of my new shorts from Walmart -- 14!! I am also finding that I can wear large shirts as opposed to x-large.

So, back to the food, this is what I am bringing....

Food -- Veggie and Apple Cinnamon Straws (chips), vegetarian crackers, Larabars, Naked Juice and smoothies, fresh fruit, veggies, 2 Tupperware containers, chocolate cream of wheat, oatmeal, granola cereal, soy milk, nuts plasticware, knife, can opener, cans of soup and bean, Izze soda, chocolate, honey candy and water. And cinnamon.

I am bringing a cooler that I bought last week. It has wheels!! I bought the granola cereal from the bulk bins at Hyvee today. I also bought bowls and plastic forks, spoons and knives. I will also be bringing a couple of tupperwares and a sharp knife for the fruits and veggies.

And of course, there is chocolate!!

I have 2 totes of stuff. One with the soda and cans of stuff that can be left in the car (or put in the cooler)and another that I will bring into the hotels with me. All of it will go in my friends' homes.

What food is a must for you on the road?

5 more days until I leave. A week from today I will be shopping at the stateline and then heading into Cali to Bonnie's place!!


That corgi :) said...

Its coming closer and closer! All delicious food! My must food was like I said yesterday, chocolate :)

Actually, we always throw in munchies, trail mix, crackers, water. We are spoiled; we usually eat out the majority of our foods when we travel (and that's why we aren't traveling much these days :)


That corgi :) said...

oops; forgot to say, CONGRATS on the 25 pounds gone!! WTG!!!!


Robyn :) said...

I will be eating out a majority of the time, too. But breakfast will mostly be at "home" lol. I get hungry on the road and like to munch. Usually all I want are french fries so hopefully I will curb those crvings LOL