Sunday, May 27, 2012

How It's Packed and Where it Goes On the Trip

Now that I have told you all of what I am bringing on the trip I am going to explain how it is getting packed and where in the car it is going! I will also address a laundry question I had from Betty. Some of the stuff I will talk about will be a repeat from earlier posts.

I will start with my black suitcase which is the smaller suitcase. This is the one which will go into the hotels with me(except Laguna Beach) and on my trip up the coast with my BFF. It will contain the stuff I will need everyday...
makeup bag, toiletry bag, hair accessories and jewelry pouches, excercise clothes, a book, computer, chargers, journaling supplies, swimsuit and coverup(these I will lay out in car to dry after use!!) + the clothing(and shoes) I will need for the next day. On the coast trip it will include underwear and socks and the clothes I am taking. This suitcase will hang out in the backseat along with the cooler, a grocery tote and a pillow. And a couple gallons of bottled water for emergencies.

The blue suitcase, which is the bigger one will have my clothes, underwear, socks, shoes, games, back up books and a pillow case. And laundry. Normally on vacation I take a plastic bag and keep the laundry in there until we get home, but as this is a long trip I will be doing laundry probably twice so I will take a plastic bag in the hotels, but then store the dirty laundry in the front pouch of the blue suitcase. This suitcase will be in the hatchback along with my temple bag, a blanket and beach towels.

My skirts and blouses will be laid out on top.

In the front seat will be Flori da cat, my purse, CD case, iPod, water, snacks and my insulated lunch bag with a couple cold things. At stops I can grab what I need from the cooler. I will also have one of the grocery totes up front and it will double as a beach bag :)

For the hotels (except Laguna Beach) the black suitcase will go in with me as well as a grocery tote and lunch bag. Same with the coast trip. I will talk more about what I am bringing for that at a later time.

At Laguna Beach the blue suitcase will go in with me. It will be reconfigured to hold everything I need for that adventure. I will also be using it at my second friend's place.

Everything will go in at Bonnie's.

I plan to replenish the ice for the cooler everyday when I gas up for the day while I am on the road. :) Well, the first gas station visit of the day lol.

I am getting tired just thinking about getting all that organized!!!!

Only 3 more days!! A week from today I will be going to church in Woodland Hills and visiting my cousin :)

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That corgi :) said...

Great system for packing and keeping track of laundry! I would imagine you will have to stop and do laundry a time or two on this trip! You are very organized indeed!