Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Journaling my Trip

I found my camera and Betty expressed interest in seeing my journaling plans so that is what you are getting today!!

These are the supplies I am using

I have no idea why that picture came out small!!

The journal/scrapbook has journaling pages
Picture sleeves
and pockets!
I bought a bunch of stuff to pretty it up and am also journaling the days leading up to the trip. One of the things I journaled about was the traveling companion I am bringing.

Since I was young I have always brought my Funshine Carebear along on my travels. However, he is old now and has acquired some dark stains(i think I spilled soda on him)and is just overall kind of ratty. I decided not to bring him along. Instead I am going to take Flori da Cat. We traded in her Devil Rays shirt and white skirt for a summery dress and bows instead
(courtesy from another Build-a-Bear I have. It would have been foolish to buy her a new outfit! Plus the store did not have any I liked lol)

Today was a marathon shopping day!! I got a Simon and Garfunkel CD and a John Denver one (for Colorado!!), travel size stuff, an iPod adapter for the car, some new exercise pants, pajama bottoms, 2 white shirts, some new earrings and hair accesories and pillows(I will be taking one on the trip. Oh, and a cooler!!!!!! It is sky blue(kinda matches the car) and has wheels!! I have everything I need now except plasticwear and food for the trip.

I also made a salon appointment for next Tuesday :)

Tomorrow I plan to talk about toiletries I am bringing for the trip, unless you want to hear about something else?

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That corgi :) said...

Glad you found your camera!! If you click on the picture after you load it onto your blog when you are writing your blog; it gives you the option to make the picture bigger; I do that for all my pictures. They load small and then I make them extra large size.

Sounds like you have a great system for journaling! It should be fun for you to read back on your adventures after you get back home!

I do like your traveling companion :)