Monday, May 7, 2012

New Stuff

Lots of changes happening around here!!

Okay, first of all, hubby got his Foot Locker employee discount!! So as soon as I complete a week of walking and/or running 30 minutes I will be getting myself a nice new pair of athletic shoes!!

I had to put exercising on hold the past few days because I had a cold and occasional low fevers :( My eating has kind of suffered, too.

In the small break I had between a scratchy throat and coughing, TJ and I went and found ourselves a new car!! Well, sort of. We chose what we wanted (a Mazda 3 hatchback with moonroof) and they found us one in Missouri and were going to go get it today, but the dealer was hit by a tornado and the cars were damaged!! They located another and it should be here tomorrow. Unfortunately we did not get the navigation because they could not find one available in the color we wanted. We have a Garmin, though, so no worries.

Since we could not get the car today I asked TJ if he wanted to go to the Harley shop to look for a bike. He agreed. He already knew what he wanted and the shop had it in black. I asked if he wanted to see if they could get it in red or blue(his other choices), but he said he liked the black and that was what he wanted! So we traded in Betty and got him a new bike!!!
I named her Black Beauty.

In other news, I have began to look at houses in this area online. That will be our next major purchase. It will be cheaper than renting!! Plus we will have a bigger place. We still need to go to the bank to get approved for a home loan(should not be a problem) and get a realtor (I have a couple in mind), but I have began saving some prospects on the computer to look at. One that we both really liked already sold :( I think they forgot to just take the listing down. I want to start looking after I return from my trip and hopefully buy something by winter. Our lease is up in August, but we can go to a 3 month if need be. A couple of homes are fixer uppers and if we go that route I want to be able to do some of the work before we move in so having a place to stay will be helpful!!

So that is where we are at right now.

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That corgi :) said...

An exciting place to be, looking for a house!! I'm sure you guys will find the right one for you. LOL that you have a bike named Betty; but I do like the new one! Glad you found the car you were looking for; icky others were destoryed in the tornado! All great news coming from your part of the country!