Saturday, May 26, 2012

Other Stuff For the Trip

4 more days!! A week from today I will be getting into mischief with my BFF :)

Today I am going to talk about some odds and ends for my trip and the luggage I will bringing.

Other -- blue suitcase, black suitcase(underwear, makeup, toiletries, jewelry),temple bag, pillow and 2 cases, purse, flowered toiletry bag, cooler and lunchbag, 2 grocery totes, beach towels(2) and blanket.

My blue suitcase is huge and will hold all of my clothes and shoes. I am using the front pocket for laundry. My black suitcase is the smaller one so I will be using it for my hotel stays (except for Laguna Beach) and adding in the clothes and shoes I need for the next day. The flowered toilety bag will go in the black suitcase.

My temple bad holds the clothes I wear in the temple.

I like having my own pillow, but will only use that when staying at friends' homes.

I have a good size cooler and a small lunch bag to kepp up front and take into the hotels, plus my grocery totes with food. One will double as a beach bag. I am bringing 2 towels for the beach plus a small blanket. It will be my mom's old blanket she used on the couch for cool evenings :)

Of course I will bring a purse. I am starting off with a Betsy Johnson, but will be buying a new designer purse in honor of my weightloss at the outlet stores in Primm, NV. Hopefully. If not there is always Rodeo Drive and the Beverly Center!!!

Today I am just cleaning up the house a bit and getting the addresses down for my GPS.

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That corgi :) said...

How do you manage your dirty clothes? When we travel by car, I always take along a big black trash bag for dirty clothes; makes it so much easier to deal with the dirty clothes when we get ready to wash them.

Laguna Beach! Wonderful place!!

it is getting closer and closer!