Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Routine

Since coming home from my vacation I have settled into a routine everyday. I did not plan it this way, it is just how it worked out. This is how it goes.

I get up(no set time) and exercise. I either walk/run around the apartment complex or drive to a trail in town or hike. Then I come home and make a smoothie from my smoothie book. Next I go to the pool for about 20 minutes to give my arms a workout and to read a chapter in one of my Nook books. The pool opens at 9am and believe me, it is plenty hot already at that time! After that I come back home and shower. If I have errands I run those or, like today, I watch some TV and play on the computer.

Next I work on some chores. I mix this with reading. I have 3 library books .. a fiction, a biography and a non-fiction. Plus I have been trying to catch up on my Book of Mormon reading. I am ahead of where I should be to finish by the end of the year, but I have my own schedule I like to follow. I am almost caught up. In the afternoon I usually end up taking a nap!

In the evening we have been going out to look at houses with our realtor. We have a couple that we like so far. I really like my realtor, too.

Today I am hoping to add cooking to my routine, especially since I do not have any errands to run.

I also have a better grasp on how I want my exercise routine to go. On Monday I want to do a hike, either at the Bluffs Park or somewhere else. Or I will do the south Park Trail with some running. Tuesday and Thursday I will run around the apartment complex. Wednesday I want to do a long trail running and walking and on Friday the Riverwalk for running/walking. On Saturday I want to do either the atomic cannon hike or maybe the linear trail in Manhattan. Maybe I will make that a bike ride!

I am also working on losing weight again. I gained 5 pounds during my trip which was not bad. This week I am focusing on exercising and adding more healthy food to my diet. Next week I will be working more on the healthy eating.

I have a new reward system in place. For exercising... one week complete = cheat day, 2 weeks complete = manicure or fill.
For pounds lost --
Less than 5 = New bath gel or other beauty product or a waxing of something.
5 pounds = toe color change
10 pounds = pedicure
15 pounds = facial
20 pounds = massage
25 pounds = new purse (I want a blue Kate Spade or Dooney and Bourke one!)
30 pounds = spa weekend
35 pounds = New exercise clothes
40 pounds = new clothes!
I can't think of anything passed that lol.

For the weeks I do not gain or lose I am giving myself a pool day on post. However, this will include swimming a couple of regulation length laps! I may also combine this with a 2 mile run/walk as those trails are on post as well.

How is your summer going?


That corgi :) said...

You have a great routine going; a little bit of this and that throughout your day so you are getting things done around the house, but still are having some fun and relaxing time, plus getting your exercise in. Good reward system too for weight loss. I have to say for as long as your trip was to only have gained five pounds isn't really that bad! I've been known to gain five pounds in a week's vacation! Your's will come off really quick too if you get back into routine of healthy eating and exercise!

my summer is going good, but I'm working, working, working. At least the weather so far is pleasant :)


Meg & Quill said...

I like your reward system! Thanks for visiting Quill.

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

That's a great reward system! I heard that reward systems work really well when it comes to weight loss!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth