Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why I Have Scary Mall Dreams

When I was in San Luis Obispo at the Farmer's Market there was a booth with people doing dream analysis.. For FREE!! I could not pass that opportunity up. As you may recall, I have had recurring dreams of scary malls since I was a kid. I wanted to know what they meant, though I had an idea.

I had 2 ladies listen as I described that the malls have a dark wing and/or dark stores and I cannot stand to look at them or go near them. That I get anxiety in the dream really bad. And I have had them since I was a kid.

They had to consult with another person as apparently this was an unusual case lol. The verdict...

When you are a kid the mall can seem very overwhelming. They think I am probably having the dreams when I am facing something overwhelming.

That makes a ton of sense. I thought it had to do with fear of loss or emptiness.

They said if I become more aware of when I have the dreams they may stop. I do not know that I want them to stop as they have been a part of my life for so long lol.

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That corgi :) said...

That is interesting! Maybe keep a dream diary so when you get the dream, you can see if you are a bit overwhelmed or anxious about something and then start making correlations.

your trip sounds like it is going great if you are in San Luis Obispo; nice area!