Saturday, July 7, 2012

House Hunting and Other Updates

We began looking for a house a couple weeks ago. Because having a messy apartment to get in order and it being incredibly hot outside is the PERFECT time to take on the stress of homebuying lol.

Starting out the ideal home I had in mind was one built in the 80s or earlier that still had some vintage decor and had it's own personality. after looking at homes like this I quickly relaized that I am more the newer upgraded home type of person lol. Now, a vintagy looking home with an updated kitchen, bathroom and walk-in closets would be ideal, BUT that is just not happening. There is one, though, that almost comes close.

Also, we set a budget at the beginning, but have recently learned the VA decided TJ deserves some disability money and that is going to bump up our monthly income (and help with getting a loan as his current job cannot be counted as he has not been there 2 years) so we raised the budget slightly. So now we have a bunch of new homes to look at this week and the majority of those are just 5 years old.

We have the most awesome realtor.

I have not done any packing, yet. Instead I am going through the apartment trying to declutter and throw things out and donate. And get all my paperwork in order and filed. Then I will start packing. And this time instead of moving ourselves I am going to hire a company. So much easier!!

We had a nice 4th of July and I will blog about it soon. And my trip. Promise!

I changed up the beginning of my weight reward system and exercise. For no gain, no loss I go to the pool on post for an hour or so, under 5 pounds some bath gel or salts or a new towel(I need some for exercising and want bigger bath ones). For 5 pounds I will wax something. Or buy something for the home like a kitchen gadget. Or towel. For one week sticking to exercise and meeting goals -- toe color change. 2 weeks -- nails done. I will probably do both at the 2 week mark, though.

Scout has a new friend. I thought it was a girl. I could not see balls and it was really pretty and would have a kitty kiss (nose bumps and sniffs) fest with Scout, but I should have known as it was an orange cat (most are boys)and Scout was so friendly (he is usally mean to girls) Well, lo and behold, it does have balls (very tiny neutered balls) so it is a boy. Scout apparently likes boys :) I had named the cat Princess Peach, but now it is Prince Peach or Mr. P. Perhaps it is a transgender cat? It is the friendliest little thing, though. I am pretty sure it has a home as it is not starving, it is declawed and only comes around at night. No collar, though.

And that's it for now!


Fuzzy Tales said...

House-hunting, wow. Scary and exciting. :-) Good luck with it.

And we do hope Scout's new friend really has a home, isn't recently abandoned. If someone took the trouble to have the cat neutered, you'd think they'd also want the cat to wear a collar and tags--unless the cat just keeps losing them. Of course it would be better if they didn't let him roam at all.

That corgi :) said...

How cool with house hunting. Having a great realtor helps too; she'll keep her eyes out if anything comes new on the market that might be of interest to you guys! Sweet about Scout's new friend :)